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Why Lord Cover Photo

Why, Lord? Discovering God in Difficulty

by Sara Sophia Schaffer

Over 2600 years ago, a man named Habakkuk dared to ask, “Why, Lord?” God’s
astonishing reply holds answers for all of us. Find hope for life’s challenges in this remarkably relevant ancient book. This personal Bible study with questions and leader’s guide is perfect for individuals and groups. If you’ve been asking God “Why?” discover Him through His Word.

Fight the Good Fight CoverFight the Good Fight: A Study Guide for 1 & 2 Timothy

by Sara Sophia Schaffer

Equip yourself to fight the good fight of faith through this personal study of 1 & 2 Timothy. Perfect for groups or individuals. Includes instructions for inductive study, leader’s guide and discussion questions.

There Is Hope Album

by Sara Schaffer & Mike Boss

Now available on iTunes and!

1. There Is Hope
2. What Do You Worship
3. Illusion of Solitude
4. When We Fall
5. Know Me
6. History
7. Not In Vain
8. At The Cross
9. Darkness and Tethers
10. Parting Words (Are You Awake Yet?)   

Compilation Books featuring Sara’s Stories

I Believe in Healing

by Cecil Murphy & Twila Belk with contributing author Sara Schaffer

When a loved one is injured or ill, what do Christians do? They pray, expecting God to intervene with a miracle of healing. They pray not only because the Bible says to do so, but also because God has shown Himself faithful to heal throughout history and even today. I Believe in Healing is a one-of-a-kind collection of true stories that demonstrate God’s healing power. Readers will find dozens of biblical, historical and present-day accounts of physical and emotional healings, written in Cecil Murphey’s heart-warming, uplifting style that made 90 Minutes in Heaven a New York Times bestseller. Anyone who needs a touch from God for themselves or a loved one will find encouragement and inspiration in these pages.


Miracles & M & M of Grace.Inspiring Stories of Survival CoverMoments of Grace: Inspiring Stories of Survival

by Nancy B. Kennedy with contributing author Sara Schaffer

In Miracles & Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories of Survival, you’ll find dozens of stories from ordinary people who have triumphed over extraordinary circumstances. Caught in Hurricane Katrina, attacked by a lion, facing a gunman, trapped in a violent marriage, losing the self to Alzheimer’s–in the midst of their trials, these brave people discovered that God provides the grace to persevere in the face of life’s greatest challenges. The stories they tell make the heart race, yet they also reveal the sustaining power of deep courage and true faith. Their stories will touch your heart and lift your spirits.