Broken Praise

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Broken. Such a word is almost trendy among Christians. The pastor in a long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans is as common as the one in a suit. We want to tell the world, “Hey, I’m just like you!” But really, we’re not like those without Jesus. God has made us whole, complete, forgiven, and free.

It’s no wonder that brokenness makes us feel almost un-Christian. We try to smile in every situation, act okay with every circumstance. However, when my dear friend was recently diagnosed with cancer just before Christmas, I wasn’t smiling. I was sad. Then mad. Then simply heart-sick. Her prognosis is good, and her faith and future secure. But I felt brokenhearted.

“The LORD is close to the brokenhearted
   and saves those who are crushed in spirit” (
Psalm 34:18).

Praise. In the midst of my crazy emotions, I read Hebrews 13. Verse 15 says: “Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that openly profess his name.” My question was what’s a sacrifice of praise?

At 5:30 the next morning, I snuggled into my pillow and tried to ignore my alarm. Instead I heard the Holy Spirit lightly say, “This is a sacrifice of praise …” With a smile at the gentle lesson, I got out of bed–a small sacrifice considering my friend’s more challenging situation with cancer. Still, she praises Him too.

Coffee helps wake me in the mornings, and I enjoy a warm cup of tea each evening. I bought this mug not realizing until I got home that it has a chip on the bottom left side. Nightly it reminds me to glorify God even with my imperfections.

Photo credit: Myron Schaffer

This week, whatever the circumstances, let’s humbly admit we’re broken and still offer praise to the One who heals and holds us.

Lord, I trust you with my dear friend. I praise You when it’s easy and when I’m broken because You never change. You always give us hope for a better tomorrow. How I love You!

What is your broken{ness and} praise to God?

4 Replies to “Broken Praise”

  1. Being up early each morning for many years – energized by the Spirit and by coffee – has blessed me with at least 2 hours of learning and growing while enjoying the time and place and my endowment with the penetrating serenity of the early morning.

    I anchor my mind, emotions, and will (my soul or self or heart) to the Gospel while enthused about related topics of our human body systems, health, economics, the cosmos, and topics that up my appreciation of His creations and creating. I’ve also been enthused about serving with my FIRST resources (financial, information, relationships, spiritual gifts, and time) to continue to grow in grace and wisdom so I can share the Gospel with my examples and when needed the Word of God. Now, I am inspired to see clearly the joy of anchoring to and serving toward Jesus Christ – an emphatic theme of Crossroads Church with the new Lufton Campus as the newest rallying community for anchoring to and serving for Christ! What a living model of co-laboring with the Ministry of Reconciliation!

    1. No wonder you are so ready to greet and encourage others at church, Phil! May you be blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ as you serve others today.

  2. Beautiful reminder, Sara! Thank you. I am obviously making lots of sacrifices of praise myself—doing lessons with the kids when I just want to sleep and get well, continuing to do laundry and dishes, prepare meals, etc. I’m ready for us all to get well. I’d like to praise from wholeness, but I’ll do it from broken too!

    I’m saying a prayer for your friend!

    1. Jennifer, I’ve been thinking of you as we’ve had a round of the flu go through our house. The slightest ear twinge reminds me to pray for you (but no ear infections here.) Thank you for stopping by and for sharing this post on your blog. You are a blessing!

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