The Secret View

I sit in my living room enjoying the refreshing autumn breeze. I have the 3-way picture window open a bit, and the cool air smells rich like a campfire thanks to my neighbor’s outdoor fireplace.

The aspens’ leaves have just begun to yellow. The Colorado sun beams down as the green leaves imperceptibly transform.

In a tree, a robin calls out. On the grass, a rabbit nibbles a fallen, dry leaf. A squirrel scampers across the fence and with a leap disappears into a neighbors tree.

Suddenly, instead of looking through the window, I look at it. Our picture window is on the back of our house. It lets in fresh air, beauty and wonder, but only to those of us inside our home see it.

The many who drive by our house in December never see our tall Christmas tree with its lights. Now in September it offers me a private showing of life.

God uses the moment to speak into my pride. Would you be a private picture window? What if I show myself through you to only a few? Do you see how that doesn’t make you less valuable?

Yes, Lord, I see that. In this world of marketing to build platforms, tribes, followers, friends, and connections, I will let You decide where I fit best into Your plan.

I grab my cup of hot tea and look again through the window to the tranquil view of my backyard, grateful our window doesn’t look out to a street. This is far more lovely to me. God, use me as you will, but please, let me reveal Your beauty.

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