Jesus Knows Me, This I Love

I wait. With more patience and confidence than I’ve ever exercised before, I wait.

When I turn the corner, open my email, check my messages on my phone–I’m expectant. Maybe today. Maybe now.

How to wait? This time I pray whenever it comes to mind. Please, Lord. Your best, God. And as Priscilla Shirer taught me I add: Do this or something better.

Boldness has crept in to my prayer-filled waiting. Certainly not because of me, only because now I know He loves me.

I smile when my daughters ask us for something we’ve already planned to give them. When we say, “Yes!” I want to capture their joyful gratitude in a bottle and market it worldwide.

That’s My heart for you, God whispers in my spirit. Ask Me.

Praying for things in God’s will sounds so elusive and mysterious. Could it simply mean praying with an attitude that accepts His right to refuse yet believing He wants to say yes?

Either response proves He loves me. Saying no to my daughters isn’t a power trip–why have I suspected God possessed such mean motives all these years?

Ah, forgive me!

Again, peace. The sign I saw in a mountainside cafe comes to mind, and I rest in its truth:

“Jesus knows me, this I love.”


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