A Mom & Her Machine

My daughter painted a sign after I redesigned my office:


I have a sewing machine in my space, but I love the idea of it primarily being my “Sowing Room.”

My new machine came around Christmas time, and my new passion (especially for pillows!) was born.

two pillows

My inspiration came after I successfully made a pillow for my mother-in-law for Christmas. Another mom, Sophia, also motivated me to get to work.

Three weeks after the happy birth of her second son, Sophia’s husband died suddenly. She received no life insurance and had little savings. This new single mom began sewing to make a living. Despite often working early and late, Sophia also made time to be a mom to her growing sons.

At her machine, this mom prayed. ¬†Through her business, she openly talked of Jesus and shared God’s love with her customers.

Sophia became known more for sowing into people’s lives than for sewing drapes and clothes.

God answered her prayers. Her oldest son, H.A. Ironside, became one of the leading Christian writers and preachers of the 20th century.

couch covered in pillowsSophia inspires me. She became a single mom in the 1860’s! She sewed by candlelight at an antiquated machine.

Yet her faithful sowing led to an eternal harvest. Will mine? Will yours? I pray so.


To order pillows or pillow covers, please email me: saraATsaraschaffer.com. Also, all my items will be available soon at etsy.com/atouchmoredecor.

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