A Worry a Minute

sad man prayingToday my body is hurting. The doctor isn’t worried. I am.

My mind is coming up with a worry a minute. As each one flits into my mind, I imagine handing it to God.

Here’s this one. And this one, and this one …

The worry may come. But it can’t stay.

My God can heal me. Or use the pain to reveal a deeper problem.

He comforts me through silly children, kind emails, a hug from my husband, a word from the Word.

Photo Credit: graur razvan ionut
Photo Credit: graur razvan ionut

He controls my circumstances.

Nothing is too hard for Him. No situation or medical condition confounds Him.

His hands hold the world, and yet He also protects and shields me in the shadow of His hand.

I don’t understand, but He does.

And today, even in pain, I take each little worry and trade it for trust.

With each exchange there is release and rest. Oh, ‘tis truly sweet to trust in Jesus.

How do you handle worry? What tips, scriptures or strategies have you found helpful?

Photo Credit: Photography by BJWOK
Photo Credit: Photography by BJWOK

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