Videos of The Fall Retreat

Last weekend’s retreat in Keystone was amazing. I can’t let you taste Dani’s food (scrumptious.) There’s no way to capture the smell of autumn in the mountains (clean and crisp.) And, I can’t recreate the richness of the fellowship (amazing women of God, each and all.)

What I can and will do is share with you the teaching. The links below are for the first two videos. Three more to follow. Get out your Bible, and let’s go!

Refresh your faith.

            Stand with strength.

                        Know God and be encouraged.


Watch Session One

Watch Session Two


“Great topic, fresh new insight and great, deeper content. Loved it!”  -Becky P.

“Sara’s exuberance about the Bible and its teaching is contagious. She makes the Bible stories come alive.”  -Laura L.

“Sara is a gifted speaker. The lessons were both highly intellectual but easy to understand and relate to real life. Truly left feeling encouraged and, well, smarter.” -Shana J.

“Enjoyed the use of the Old Testament. [Sara was] so enthusiastic and brought the Bible material relevant to our spiritual lives.”  -Arlene T.

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