It’s Just An Illusion of Solitude

God Isn’t Social Distancing

Years ago I went through an extremely lonely season. My first husband died in a ski accident at Keystone, and I suddenly became a 26 year old widow consumed with grief. I was a social misfit, especially at church.

In those dark days, I felt isolated. One night in particular, nothing brought relief from my excruciating loneliness. Looking back, I understand those were moments of actual faith.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. —Hebrews 11:1

During this season of distancing and quarantine, we actually are isolated. What an opportunity to exercise our faith. And if I’m using the phrase “opportunity to exercise,” these are extreme circumstances!

As we mourn the lost opportunities we’re facing, we remember God is here. In the moments when He doesn’t feel close, we practice what Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones called “raw faith.” We hope and believe tenaciously. We tell ourselves the truth.

The author of Hebrews wrote to Christians in difficult circumstances. He encouraged them with the names and deeds of many men and women of faith in chapter 11. He then said in chapter 12: remember them, throw off sin, focus on Jesus, and get going!

During one of the lonely nights I mentioned above, I wrote a song about not really being alone. I want to share it with you today.

If you have time, and right now you might have more than usual, I encourage you to read through Hebrews 11 and 12. Let’s walk through these days together and in truth. Even in isolation, we are not alone.

2 thoughts on “It’s Just An Illusion of Solitude”

  1. Hello Sara! Thanks for this! God is showing me great peace as I spend time resting in Him rather than “doing doing doing”….He is up to something BIG!

    Hope you and your family are doing well❤

    1. So good to hear from you, Kara! Yes, a lot of big things are going on, and He is greater than all of it. He MUST be up to something BIG! Blessings!!

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