Public Homeschooling Goes Viral during Quarantine

And what day of the week is it?

It’s day four of “remote learning.” (Must mean that it’s Thursdayish.) At first I think my kids thought this would be a breeze since they already know how all the remotes work in our house.

Imagine their shock when teachers showed up on their Chromebooks Monday and started talking to them about math, language arts, history and science! It was as disorienting and discouraging as dying without keep inventory on in Minecraft. Or so I’m told.

I seriously feel for my kids. After three years of homeschooling, they went back into a school this year. They had to adjust to longer days, stricter bathroom times, and being dressed before class started.

Professor Bear

Now they’re doing public school at home, and it’s confusing. Does one need to shower and dress for Zoom classes or is a shirt off the floor good enough? If you understand the lesson, can you skip the lecture (one of my kids says yes)? Is class participation now graded on how many times you hit the raise hand icon, type in the chat, or unmute yourself?

Whatever the answers, public homeschooling is an adventure. Sort of like being inside the animal habitats at the zoo instead of a safe distance from the wild creatures. But even as we navigate unfamiliar territory in our own homes, God is the same. His constancy is my comfort. And I’m sure we’ll figure out this remote learning thing just in time for summer break.

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