The Cross

He Beckons

Photo Credit: artemisphoto

We are selfish. Christ was selfless.

We are sinful. He is sinless.

We hate. He loves.

We try. He succeeded.

We die; He died.

He’s resurrected!

We’re redeemed!

He ascended. We await.

He calls. I come.

He knocks. I kneel.

He beckons. I believe.

He forgives. I flourish.

He is Lord Jesus Christ. We are loved, justified, chosen.

Thank You, Lord, for the cross—for dying and taking the sentence of death for my selfishness, mistakes, and foolishness. I’m so sorry for my sin. I’m so grateful for Your sacrifice! Thank You for calling me to live. Restore me that I might reveal Your love to others and glorify You always. Amen.

Photo Credit: Photography by BJWOK

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