6 Steps to Lose Fat/Gain Muscle (Spiritually Speaking)

Raise your hand if you made a promise to yourself to read the Bible this year. Maybe you even vowed to do so religiously. Sadly it hasn’t happened as you’d hoped and your enthusiasm has disappeared faster than you can say “workout goals.”

Good news! Here are 6 ways to get lean and strong in the Word starting now.

  1. Hardest Part: OPEN the BOOK or APP. Do it. Right now. Open the app and keep it open. Crack the book on your end table and set it down open.
  2. Congrats on doing step 1! Now go to Psalm 1.
  3. Pray asking God to give you insight.
  4. Read Psalm 1.
  5. Reread Psalm 1 and with the help of the Holy Spirit actively look for patterns, key words, contrasts, phrases that stand out to you, etc.
  6. Advanced: (You can do it!) Pick a verse or verses from Psalm 1 to commit to memory and start doing it. I challenge you to learn verse 2. And verse 3. I double dare you to memorize all 6 verses!

Now, getting actually stronger in the Word does take time and repetition. If you want someone to walk with you on a journey of being Up to Know Good, I invite you to join me!

Take a peek at the free resources under the Bible Study tab. And check back here for more encouragement to become fit and healthy through vibrant Bible study!

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