Customized Keynotes

Are you planning a retreat or event? Sara specializes in tailoring her talks to your group’s topic and needs. Whether you want inspiration, applicable Bible teaching with discussion or stories to make you laugh and touch your heart, Sara is happy to work with you to customize a talk or series of presentations just for you.

Passionate Bible Teaching

John 13 – Jesus Knows

Listen in as Sara teaches at Calvary Bible Church in Erie, CO. This presentation was given on February 11, 2016 as part of the weekly women’s Bible study.

Dynamic Offerings

“Are You Up To Know Good?” In this inspiring and interactive presentation, Sara will motivate you and your group to experience and express God in fresh real ways. Get equipped with tools to daily put your faith into action, and learn how to practically and strategically share the mysterious love of God. Discover how to be Up To Know Good every day!

“Performing My Way to Nowhere” is Sara’s personal story. In this talk, she shares her journey towards love and acceptance. Discover out how to satisfy your need to perform, your desire for acceptance, and your longing for love. Audiences of all ages will be touched and entertained by Sara’s funny and poignant presentation.

“See How Beautiful” is a presentation on creating a healthy body image. Sara addresses this topic with inspiration from her own struggles and successes with weight and body image. She also shares insights from You Are Not What You Weigh by author Lisa Bevere. Learn healthy ways to think about your physical self and see how beautiful you really are!

“Are You Awake Yet?” is a challenge to live your life on purpose. In this talk, Sara reveals how losing everything became the key to finding more life than she could imagine. She shares her personal story with wit and wisdom while inspiring her listeners to experience the reality of God in every day. Sara will inspire you to take your life to the next level as she asks – are you awake yet?

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