Sara's  grandmotherWhen my grandmother’s health declined, she became limited to staying in bed almost all day. Many of her freedoms were gone, but she could still smile. During one visit, her glassy eyes starting to twinkle as she tilted her head and smiled at me. As she held my gaze, I suddenly felt a rush of more love than I knew how to accept. I drank in the affection she poured out and wondered why I had never noticed this magical expression of hers before.

Do Good – Smile at everyone today. Find at least three opportunities to give a special smile where you can intentionally gaze and love on someone.

Have you ever noticed how often a smile you give away immediately comes back to you? Enjoy the feeling of exchanging smiles and love with family, friends and strangers today.

“When I smiled on them they scarcely believed it; the light of my face was precious to them.”
Job 29:21-25

Jesus, thank You that something as simple as a smile can show Your love.

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