Isaiah Week One Study Guide

Day One
Read Isaiah 1

Day Two
Read Isaiah 1:1-20

  1. Verse 1 tells us Isaiah’s prophetic ministry occurred during the reign of four kings. See 2 Kings 15:1-4; 15:32-35; 16:1-4; 18:1-7 for a synopsis of each king’s reign. Which one/s faithfully followed God?
  2. From verses 2-20, what are God’s people doing wrong?
  3. What happened to Sodom and Gomorrah and why? (see Genesis 19) Why do you think God used those names in reference to Judah?
  4. Why did God refuse to accept their sacrifices and listen to their prayers (verses 11-15)?
  5. What instructions and invitations does the Lord extend to His people in verses 16-19? What does He promise the consequences would be if they accept?
  6. What warning does God declare in verse 20?
  7. How does your country and culture compare to Judah in Isaiah’s time? What problems do you see around you?
  8. What might God think of your worship? How do verses 2-20 resonate with the church or culture or personal circumstances you’re in?
  9. How would you summarize these opening verses of Isaiah? Try to do so by writing a sentence of a dozen words or less.

Day Three
Read Isaiah 5

  1. Who is the Beloved?
  2. Who is the vineyard? (see verse 7)
  3. What happened to the vineyard and why?

Day Four
Read Isaiah 5:8-30

  1. What are the six “woes” in verses 8-23? Which one stands out to you and why?
  2. Which of these problems exist in your culture? Explain.
  3. What attributes of God are seen in verse 16?
  4. What are the consequences of the “woes” in verses 24-25?
  5. Describe in your own words the nations God summoned (verses26-30).
  6. To what nations was the Lord referring?

Day Five
Read Isaiah 59

  1. Underline iniquity, transgression, and sin (and their various forms) in this chapter.
  2. What are the results of their iniquities?
  3. Who brought salvation and with what armor?
  4. According to verse 13, the heart conceives transgression and rebellion. This seems to be the opposite of the common ideas to “follow your heart” and “listen to your heart.” When has following your heart gotten you in trouble? When has following God turned out to be right even if it seemed crazy or illogical?