Who Is He? - Up To Know Good on Tuesday

Who Is He?
Up To Know Good on Tuesday

August 01, 2006

dog in carrier

A few months ago, there was a national news report about a lost dog. This award-winning whippet had gotten loose and run away at the airport on its return home from the Westminster dog show. Desperate to find their valuable pet, the owners hired over a dozen psychics. (Which sounded like at least eleven more than necessary to me, but I digress.) In addition, an award was posted, volunteers came to aid in the search, and donations were even being accepted on the American Whippet Club website.

Do Good - Take a moment to remember how it felt to lose and find something valuable to you. How long did you look? What resources did you use? How did you feel when the lost was found?

As I heard about this lost dog, I was amazed at the outpouring of time and money people gave to find her. In the same way, God used every resource to find us. What a great feeling to know that Jesus came to reveal love to us that is even greater than a pet owner to their animal!

“Your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost.” Matthew 18:14. Read the short story of the lost sheep.

God, thanks for not holding back any resources to save us. Jesus, thanks for Your willingness to pay the price for my rescue.

Know Good. Do Good. Feel Good.


I pray that you have a great day as you experience and express God's love in fresh, real ways!


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