Helping Strangers - Up To Know Good on Wednesday

Helping Strangers
Up To Know Good on Wednesday

August 09, 2006

wallet with money coming out

It was Christmas Eve and my husband and I were traveling to my parents’ house. We stopped for gas in Sioux Falls and Myron said he’d fill the tank. As he did that, a man came up to him and said, “I’m not a bum or anything, but I ran out of checks and don’t have any cash. Can you lend me $20?” Myron reached for his wallet, and the stranger started going on about addresses and mailing a payment, etc. My husband pulled out the bill, handed it to him, and said, “Merry Christmas and God bless you!” The stranger simply replied, “Thanks, man!”

Do Good - Plan some extra time in your day for divine interruptions. When we have time to stop and help, we become more approachable. We also make room for chances to bless people rather than getting annoyed if our schedule is disrupted.

While this was happening, I was in the convenience store getting a snack. When I came back out to the car, Myron excitedly told me about the opportunity he had to help a stranger with some cash. He was giddy as he told me the story. >From the look on his face, I could tell my husband was the one who really received the gift!

“Be open-handed and freely lend him whatever he needs.” Deuteronomy 15:8. Read about the benefits of being generous.

Jesus, remind me to plan time for divine interruptions as I do my errands this week.

Know Good. Do Good. Feel Good.


I pray that you have a great day as you experience and express God's love in fresh, real ways!


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