Positive Point of View - Up To Know Good on Tuesday

Positive Point of View
Up To Know Good on Tuesday

September 19, 2006

High School

My first year out of college teaching junior and senior high school choir was not what I expected. I had envisioned leading enthusiastic rehearsals and conducting concerts with students proud of their singing. Instead, I spent most of my time simply trying to gain control of the classroom. After three quarters of trying to command respect for the music and myself, my focus shifted. I suddenly realized that I was doing all of the work. I wasn’t listening to my students or giving them ownership in the choir.

Do Good - Are you frustrated with someone? Take time today to truly think about life from their perspective. Then, find a creative way to serve them and meet their needs.

During the last quarter of the school year, I put my students, literally, on center stage. The result was cooperation, pride in their singing, and a tremendously successful concert. I thank God for helping me to shift my focus from me to them and for giving me a positive point of view of those wonderful students.

"God spoke to Moses: 'Tell the Israelites to turn around and make camp at Pi Hahiroth, between Migdol and the sea.'" Exodus 14:1-2. Read about the parting of the Red Sea after God put His people in what seemed like an impossible situation.

God, sometimes I get stuck in my thinking about people and circumstances. Please give me a glimpse of Your perspective on my impossible situations.

Know Good. Do Good. Feel Good.


I pray that you have a great day as you experience and express God's love in fresh, real ways!


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