Sensing God - Up To Know Good on Friday

Sensing God
Up To Know Good on Friday

October 20, 2006


It was a hot, sticky summer day. I was at the lake visiting my grandmother, and I sat at the kitchen table with beads of sweat trickling down my back and pooling in the folds of my clothing. Grandma and I were finishing a game of gin rummy. After she won (again), I said that it was time to go swimming. We changed into our swimsuits and headed outside. When I took off my sandals, I realized that the scorching sun had made the deck painfully hot. I quickly hopped to the edge and jumped into the lake. The cool water was instantly refreshing. I dunked my head under, enjoying the reprieve from the summer sun.

Do Good - Notice how various things feel to you today. Whether it is the texture of your clothing, the fur of your favorite pet, or the coolness or warmth of the air, be fully aware of your sense of touch.

While technically we cannot touch God directly, I believe there are many ways everyday that we can feel His tangible presence. We can find that touch not only from people; it can be found in the simplest pleasures of a warm, cozy blanket or a refreshing jump into water. God has created all of these different sensations to reveal various aspects of Himself and His character. Let’s be aware and appreciative of our tangible Creator today.

“The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth, God did this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us.” Acts 17:24, 27. Click here to read more.

God, thanks for being as close as the autumn air and the breath in our lungs. Thank You for the gift of touch.

Know Good. Do Good. Feel Good.


I pray that you have a great day as you experience and express God's love in fresh, real ways!


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