New Year, New Aspirations - Up To Know Good on Monday

New Year, New Aspirations
Up To Know Good on Monday

January 01, 2007


Last December, I created my 2006 goals as part of a small business group. Our leaders told us to create a picture of where we wanted to be at the beginning of 2007. As I began to think about my personal and professional aspirations, I realized my biggest desire was to start a family. Feeling as though I was laying my heart on the table, I read my goals to my colleagues at the January meeting. Thankfully, they responded with love and kindness. Even more, they celebrated with me when I announced my pregnancy the next summer.

Do Good - On this New Year’s Day, put your vision for the beginning of 2008 down on paper. Where would you like to be? What are your goals? Your personal ambitions? Your dreams? Use words and photos/pictures to depict your aspirations for this year.

For the past five years, I have taken time to write down my goals for the coming year. At times I wrote a bullet list; other times I created a collage of photos and words. No matter what format it took, I know that much of my previous success has come from simply having the courage to outwardly express the desires I have for my life. Let’s dream big and write down our vision for the coming year.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish,” Proverbs 29:18. Read more of this short passage.

God, help me dream big as I set goals for 2007!

Know Good. Do Good. Feel Good.


I pray that you have a great day as you experience and express God's love in fresh, real ways!


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