New Year, New Aspirations - Up To Know Good on Thursday

New Year, New Aspirations
Up To Know Good on Thursday

January 04, 2007

Stacks of Books

I picked the book off the shelf and started thumbing through it. I remembered when I bought it and wondered why I had never bothered to read even the first chapter. I was in the midst of packing, and I quickly closed the book. It was time to fill boxes, not read. I put it in the special box of books that would go to our apartment and made a promise to read it once we got there.

Do Good - Pick a book off of your shelf that you haven’t read or haven’t read in a while. Make a promise to yourself to read it. Set a deadline, and tell someone else about your goal.

It has now been several weeks since I unpacked, and I found at least three books that I can’t wait to read. My goal is to get through at least one this month. I love how books inspire, motivate, and entertain. If we let them, books have the ability to mentor, challenge, and even change us. As we start a new year, let’s make it a goal to enrich our lives and support our long-term vision through reading.

“Afterward, Joshua read all the words of the law=97the blessings and the curses=97just as it is written in the Book of the Law.” Joshua 8:34. Click here to read more.

God, thank You for the gift of books. Give me the desire to read and the openness to be transformed - especially by Your Word.

Know Good. Do Good. Feel Good.


I pray that you have a great day as you experience and express God's love in fresh, real ways!


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