Our deepest thanks to the many that were part of our recent “Up to Know Good” photo shoot for single parents. Your generous gifts of time, prayer, financial contributions, gift cards and words of encouragement are humbling and motivating.

One special family that we met had lost their husband and father about a year ago. Here was an email we received from that young widow and mom.

“Sara and Myron, thank you so much for offering this wonderful gift and taking pictures of me and my kids. I so much appreciate having this done now and knowing we'll be getting Christmas cards out this year (last year it did not happen).

I also appreciate the generous Target gift card. More importantly, it's just great to know how much others care for those of us raising children as single parents. I appreciate being held up in prayer during such a time of pain and transition. I never envisioned I would be raising two children on my own and the love and support of others has helped me beyond what words can describe. Thanks a million!”

We are so grateful for your display of love for others. It is truly a privilege to be a part of something greater than ourselves and to do so in cooperation with a community of friends.

Finally, we thank God for giving us the inspiration, community, resources, and opportunity to be about His business. May we turn away from our selfishness and choose to be Up to Know Good today. After all, as we get to Know Good, we’ll want to Do Good, and that will Feel Good. Blessings to you!